Strategy to Play Online Craps

Playing craps at an online casino attracts many people because the biggest and the best possible reason is they have vast potential to win big amount of money in the shortest possible time. But keeping a proper strategy will help anyone to win a small amount but consistently.

First thing is one should know all the general rules of the casino game. Then you can play it better. If one is not clear with the rules then they should start playing online and first of all they should go and learn different bets. At the initial phase you need to play only two bets.

At the start of game you should place a pass line bet. Just for example keep $5 on the pass line and roll the dice. Once your point gets established then you can place your odds. Even for example you can also place $5 behind the line also.

Another strategy is The Number Two because there is always a high payout on a number 2 which is high as 30:1. You can score number 2 in Craps if both of your dice land with 1. Actually there are total 36 different possibilities of numbers with two dice with six sides and chances of scoring number 2 are one in thirty six. Because there are less payouts and odds betting on number 2 should be better.

Say at the start of a game you have established point of nine. Meaning of this is you need to roll a nine again before the seven appears then only you can win. If one is at learning stage of the game this is the only bet which you should keep while you are playing craps online.

The best strategy is one’s choice. Sometimes many of people find a game difficult because there are different types of bets available. Just play strategically and have patience.

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