Suggested Bet and Hand Plays in Texas Holdem

Playing Texas Holdem online is rewarding as well as challenging. We have to know how to play a hand right at the beginning of a game. Here are some suggested hand plays in Texas Holdem.

At the beginning we should put a camouflage on our hand. We do this by raising the same amount with any hand we hold at pre-flop. This effectively masks what we hold and keeps opponents guessing. An effective principle for hand plays in Texas Holdem is that we should keep our hand information a secret as much as possible.

If we raise at pre-flop according to the strength or weakness of our starting hand the opponent would get a good poker tell on our play style. Some players go for big raises with a real monster hand and then slow play with a playable hand. Such hand plays in Texas Holdem are sure eye openers for opponents to see through our cards.

When we have a hand A-A or K-K raising about 8 times as big as the big blind bet is recommended. If we’re playing at a table with a 25 no-limit table maximum 8 times the big blind is $2. If in case a player has raised ahead of us it is recommended that we re-raise at 3 times the pot amount or else go all-in. These are aggressive but intimidating bet and hand plays in Texas Holdem.

If we are dealt an A-K or A-Q hand a raise 8 times what is bet for the big blind is needed if no player in front of us has yet done so. In case a player limps or is in the pot we should raise 8 times as big as the big blind wager. However, if someone has raised the pot before us we may call the bet provided we have a good read on that player. Good hand plays in Texas Holdem, along with bet strategies, should be this thorough.

If we hold a Q-Q or J-J hand raise again with a bet 8 times what the big blind has if there is no raiser in front of us. If a player limps or is in the pot the recommendation is also to raise 8 times what the big blind has. If someone else raises the pot before us, call and play tightly after the flop if no trips have been flopped.

These are some of the recommended bet and hand plays in Texas Holdem players often find effective.

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