Sweden Missing Out

Recent reports coming out of Sweden suggest that the government may be hindering the economic growth of their own country, according to several Euro casino online sources. They have refused to open the online gambling market in Sweden to competition, preferring their citizens to stick to the one and only state backed operator, known as Svenska Spel.
This means that they are missing out on the casino online bonus that they could be enjoying when it comes to tax revenue, as well as strangling any chance of growth within their gambling industry on the internet. The figures they are missing out on are impossible to calculate exactly, of course, but estimates suggest that there is room for billions of Krona more in tax revenue – let alone in total revenue. They are also missing out on the licensing fees that online casinos would have to pay on a regular basis, one of the key elements of public benefit when it comes to the opening of new casinos.
Those who live in Sweden are known for being extremely web and tech savvy, and they clearly love gambling, as the attendance at Svenska Spel’s site is high. One online casino report suggests that, if Sweden adopted a similar model to the one used by Denmark since the start of this year, they might stand to make SEK 86.23 million in licensing alone. This could all be used to reinforce public sectors – giving money back to hospitals, fire and police stations, and schools among other beneficial public projects that are in dire need of a financial boost. The sad factor of the matter is also that Swedish players are already gambling with other firms than Svenska Spel, even though this is illegal – meaning that all the tax revenue that should be going to Sweden is instead going to other countries with thriving online gambling industries. If the bigger firms in Europe were allowed to apply for licences, players could stay with the sites they have already been using, but the tax would be going in the right direction.
It could also open up a lot of new jobs within the country. At present, 3,400 Swedish people are employed in the gambling sector, and opening up new sites would create a lot new jobs. Web masters, technicians, people to monitor online chat and help lines, and so many more opportunities would be created – which would be more great news for the Swedish people.

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